The Mata Method focuses on functional strength building, complimentary accessory work, high intensity interval training, and various endurance systems. Each day will test individuals through a blend of weights, cardio, and bodyweight training designed to achieve optimal results.  The goal is to maintain an emphasis on safety, lifestyle, and training while promoting body awareness through physical strength and mental clarity.  We believe longevity and wellness are the key to continued success.

The Workout

Classes are 1-hour, which include a coach led breakdown of todays workout. Expect to leave feeling challenged and accomplished!

The Program

Every class offers a beginner, intermediate and advanced option that caters to all fitness levels. Whether you’re a fitness veteran or new to working out. We cater and meet you where you are!

The Community

Covenant Gym is more than just a gym or a fitness facility.  We are a fitness family. Come be part of a supportive group of people that will push you every single day to be your absolute best!



"Strength and Conditioning" will increase lean muscle mass by building strength through functional movement patterns, plus accessory work. Class will finish with various conditioning pieces from AMRAPs to benchmarks to simply moving with purpose.

"Sweat" is a high intensity interval workout that will utilize minimal equipment and challenge your ability to keep up. How hard are you willing to push yourself and discover if the limit does exist?



Sean Mata

Owner & Coach

Sean Mata has always had a passion for being active and playing sports.  At the early age of 4, he started playing soccer which continued through his high school years...

Mateo Jimenez


Mateo began his journey with strength and conditioning in May 2016 in search of new ways to improve his fitness level. He played soccer at a collegiate level for 4 years...

Morgan Dean


Morgan Dean, or Moe as everyone calls her, was born and raised in Austin, Texas and relocated to Houston, Texas in 2010 to follow a dream that continues to grow and evolve.  She cheered for the Houston Texans..

Kelsey Pincus


Growing up, Kelsey always had a passion for fitness and living an active lifestyle.Kelsey found CrossFit in June of 2013, after looking for a way to stay active yet still have a sense of competition...

Joe Mulroy


Joseph started his love for athletics at a young age and it continued through playing collegiate baseball. He moved on to pursue a career in pharmacy and continued his passion...


    positive review  I recommend everything here... Possibly the best decision I’ve made in my adult life has been to join (and to show up to) Covenant Gym - I am stronger, healthier, fitter, and more confident than I have ever been, and it only gets better every day I show up here.

    Hannah Dyer-Holzhauer Avatar Hannah Dyer-Holzhauer
    November 5, 2019

    positive review  Great coaching and gym vibe is through the roof good.

    Paul McBride Avatar Paul McBride
    June 18, 2019

    positive review  Great place. Incredible coaches. Good community. And a fabulous place to get strong as hell.

    John Scott Black Avatar John Scott Black
    March 23, 2015

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Houston, TX 77008